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I'm pleased to announce that we have the first spewer of pre-season. I know that after last week I'd be odds on favourite to be the one to get sick first but, I'm delighted to say it wasn't me. Step forward Andy Haran. We'll get to that later though.

When we got down from the changing room to the training area the Gaffer gave Jamie Harris the nod to take us on a 15 minute warm up. As we were finishing up our stretching we were told that we would be doing a 'Fartlek' run.

A fartlek run is really an interval run. Nearly identical to the interval run we did on the first day. Again like 'Day 1' the Gaffer took the pace and Pesch hung around the back to make sure nobody dropped off.

The Gaffer and Pesch barely broke a sweat during the run while we were sweating bucket loads. If most players could run like they do in their thirties, I’m sure they'd be happy!

After the run we moved onto the circuit training. All the stations were set out in a big circle and on this occasion, the time was defined by a player running 2 laps of the circle.

After completing one full circuit, we had a small break and drink and then back to the second circuit (which this time was 1 lap). Circuit training is a great way of building up different muscle groups and stamina so its all good.

Onto the ball work and we headed over to a big square that had been marked out. We all got a ball and were given different instructions as we went along. Starting with dribbling for close control, we then kept the ball in the air by doing volleys.

When your legs are tired its hard to do the most simple of things. You've really got to concentrate 100% on what you are doing. After that, the pace of the dribbling was increased and sharp turns were introduced to the session.

Now onto the bit you've all really wanted to read about - Andy Haran spewing. We moved onto the track for another running drill and were split into 2 groups. Around the track there were 8 poles marked out at equal distances.

The instructions were simple. Run one, jog one, run two, jog one, run three, jog one and so on up until we had to run a whole lap. Just as we were half way round on the 8th run Andy suddenly just seemed to slow up and start getting sick. He managed to do this 4 times.

I know because i was behind him swerving violently around puddles of sick. The least he could of done was to move away from the track. To his credit he took the banter in good spirit and managed to finish the run.

That was the end of the running for today and we headed over to an area which was marked out for some races with the football. We had about 7 or 8 races which included sprinting with the ball 20 yards, turning at the cone and passing back to the next person, first using the right foot then the left. Then we had to chip the ball back and several other similar drills.

Wrapping up the session, Mark Quigley was given the honour of taking today’s 10 minute warm down. It was nothing more than a light jog and plenty of stretching.

All in all, it was another tough days training but everyone seems to be getting fitter by the day and come the first match of the season we'll be ready to go and our fitness levels will be of the Gaffers standard.

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