Under 19s

Date Competition Home Team Away Team
February, 26th 2023U19 LeagueBohemians0St Patrick's Athletic2REPORT
March, 5th 2023U19 LeagueSt Patrick's Athletic3Sligo Rovers1REPORT
March, 19th 2023U19 LeagueDundalk0St Patrick's Athletic0REPORT
March, 26th 2023U19 LeagueSt Patrick's Athletic0Derry City0REPORT
April, 2nd 2023U19 LeagueFinn Harps0St Patrick's Athletic0REPORT
April, 16th 2023U19 LeagueSt Patrick's Athletic3Drogheda United2REPORT
April, 23rd 2023U19 LeagueKlub Kildare0St Patrick's Athletic0REPORT
April, 30th 2023U19 LeagueSt Patrick's Athletic0Athlone Town0REPORT
May, 7th 2023U19 LeagueUCD0St Patrick's Athletic0REPORT
May, 14th 2023U19 LeagueSt Patrick's Athletic1Longford Town1REPORT
August, 13th 2023U19 LeagueSt Patrick's Athletic3UCD0REPORT
Date Competition Home Team Away Team
March, 6th 2022U19 LeagueSt Patrick's Athletic2Cork City2REPORT
March, 15th 2022U19 LeagueSt Patrick's Athletic0UCD2REPORT
March, 20th 2022U19 LeagueBray Wanderers0St Patrick's Athletic0REPORT
March, 27th 2022U19 LeagueSt Patrick's Athletic0Waterford0REPORT
April, 3rd 2022U19 LeagueTreaty United0St Patrick's Athletic4REPORT
April, 10th 2022U19 LeagueSt Patrick's Athletic4Galway United0REPORT
April, 17th 2022U19 LeagueKerry FC2St Patrick's Athletic3REPORT
April, 24th 2022U19 LeagueSt Patrick's Athletic0Wexford FC1REPORT
May, 1st 2022U19 LeagueCobh Ramblers2St Patrick's Athletic0REPORT
July, 10th 2022U19 LeagueShamrock Rovers0St Patrick's Athletic0REPORT
Date Competition Home Team Away Team
June, 27th 2021U19 LeagueSt Patrick's Athletic0Drogheda United0REPORT
July, 4th 2021U19 LeagueDerry City0St Patrick's Athletic0REPORT
July, 11th 2021U19 LeagueSt Patrick's Athletic0Longford Town1REPORT
Date Competition Home Team Away Team
August, 23rd 2020U19 LeagueSt Patrick's Athletic2Dundalk2REPORT
August, 29th 2020U19 LeagueBohemians2St Patrick's Athletic4REPORT
September, 5th 2020U19 LeagueDrogheda United1St Patrick's Athletic3REPORT
September, 13th 2020U19 LeagueSt Patrick's Athletic4Drogheda United2REPORT
September, 20th 2020U19 LeagueDundalk0St Patrick's Athletic0REPORT
September, 27th 2020U19 LeagueSt Patrick's Athletic4Bohemians5REPORT
October, 4th 2020U19 LeagueShamrock Rovers1St Patrick's Athletic4REPORT
December, 22nd 2020U19 LeagueBohemians1St Patrick's Athletic2REPORT
Date Competition Home Team Away Team
March, 9th 2019U19 LeagueFinn Harps1St Patrick's Athletic1REPORT
March, 17th 2019U19 LeagueSt Patrick's Athletic0Drogheda United3REPORT
April, 7th 2019U19 LeagueSt Patrick's Athletic1Monaghan United-Cavan FP1REPORT
April, 14th 2019U19 LeagueLongford Town0St Patrick's Athletic3REPORT
April, 28th 2019U19 LeagueSt Patrick's Athletic3Derry City2REPORT
May, 4th 2019U19 LeagueBohemians3St Patrick's Athletic1REPORT
May, 13th 2019U19 LeagueDundalk0St Patrick's Athletic1REPORT
May, 19th 2019U19 LeagueSt Patrick's Athletic2Sligo Rovers2REPORT
May, 26th 2019U19 LeagueShelbourne0St Patrick's Athletic0REPORT
July, 1st 2019U19 LeagueAthlone Town1St Patrick's Athletic3REPORT
July, 10th 2019U19 LeagueSt Patrick's Athletic0Athlone Town0REPORT
July, 14th 2019U19 LeagueSt Patrick's Athletic5Finn Harps2REPORT
July, 20th 2019U19 LeagueDrogheda United3St Patrick's Athletic2REPORT
July, 24th 2019U19 Enda McGuill CupShamrock Rovers2St Patrick's Athletic1REPORT
July, 28th 2019U19 LeagueSt Patrick's Athletic0Bohemians0REPORT
August, 17th 2019U19 LeagueMonaghan United-Cavan FP1St Patrick's Athletic4REPORT
August, 25th 2019U19 LeagueSt Patrick's Athletic2Longford Town0REPORT
September, 8th 2019U19 LeagueDerry City0St Patrick's Athletic1REPORT
September, 17th 2019U19 LeagueSt Patrick's Athletic1Dundalk4REPORT
September, 22nd 2019U19 LeagueSligo Rovers0St Patrick's Athletic1REPORT
September, 29th 2019U19 LeagueSt Patrick's Athletic3Shelbourne1REPORT
Date Competition Home Team Away Team
October, 21st 2018U19 LeagueShamrock Rovers3St Patrick's Athletic0REPORT
October, 6th 2018U19 LeagueSt Patrick's Athletic1Cork City1REPORT
September, 30th 2018U19 LeagueSt Patrick's Athletic4Drogheda United2REPORT
September, 22nd 2018U19 LeagueFinn Harps1St Patrick's Athletic5REPORT
September, 19th 2018U19 LeagueBohemians2St Patrick's Athletic0REPORT
September, 16th 2018U19 LeagueSt Patrick's Athletic3Longford Town0REPORT
September, 4th 2018U19 Enda McGuill CupSt Patrick's Athletic1Bohemians2REPORT
August, 21st 2018U19 LeagueSt Patrick's Athletic2Dundalk2REPORT
August, 12th 2018U19 LeagueDerry City2St Patrick's Athletic6REPORT
August, 7th 2018U19 Enda McGuill CupFinn Harps1St Patrick's Athletic3REPORT
August, 2nd 2018U19 LeagueShelbourne0St Patrick's Athletic6REPORT
July, 29th 2018U19 LeagueSt Patrick's Athletic2Athlone Town0REPORT
July, 25th 2018U19 Enda McGuill CupSt Patrick's Athletic1Sligo Rovers1REPORT
July, 17th 2018U19 LeagueUCD0St Patrick's Athletic3REPORT
July, 14th 2018U19 LeagueSt Patrick's Athletic4Sligo Rovers0REPORT
July, 8th 2018U19 LeagueMonaghan United-Cavan FP0St Patrick's Athletic3REPORT
June, 27th 2018U19 LeagueDrogheda United1St Patrick's Athletic3REPORT
May, 27th 2018U19 LeagueSt Patrick's Athletic1Finn Harps0REPORT
May, 20th 2018U19 LeagueLongford Town0St Patrick's Athletic1REPORT
May, 16th 2018U19 LeagueAthlone Town1St Patrick's Athletic1REPORT
May, 13th 2018U19 LeagueSt Patrick's Athletic3Bohemians1REPORT
April, 28th 2018U19 LeagueDundalk0St Patrick's Athletic2REPORT
April, 22nd 2018U19 LeagueSt Patrick's Athletic2Monaghan United-Cavan FP0REPORT
April, 14th 2018U19 LeagueSt Patrick's Athletic3Derry City1REPORT
March, 31st 2018U19 LeagueSligo Rovers1St Patrick's Athletic1REPORT
March, 25th 2018U19 LeagueSt Patrick's Athletic4Shelbourne1REPORT
Date Venue Home Team Away Team
November, 1st 2017Dalymount ParkBohemians0St Patrick's Athletic0
September, 24th 2017TBCSt Patrick's Athletic0Dundalk0
September, 17th 2017TBCSligo Rovers0St Patrick's Athletic0
September, 10th 2017TBCSt Patrick's Athletic0Longford Town0
September, 3rd 2017TBCBohemians0St Patrick's Athletic0
August, 27th 2017TBCSt Patrick's Athletic0Finn Harps0
August, 20th 2017TBCMonaghan United-Cavan FP0St Patrick's Athletic0
August, 13th 2017TBCSt Patrick's Athletic0Drogheda United0
July, 30th 2017TBCAthlone Town0St Patrick's Athletic0
July, 23rd 2017TBCSt Patrick's Athletic0Shelbourne0
July, 16th 2017TBCDerry City0St Patrick's Athletic0
July, 2nd 2017TBCDundalk0St Patrick's Athletic0
June, 25th 2017TBCSt Patrick's Athletic0Sligo Rovers0
May, 28th 2017TBCLongford Town0St Patrick's Athletic0
May, 21st 2017TBCSt Patrick's Athletic0Bohemians0
May, 14th 2017TBCFinn Harps1St Patrick's Athletic4
May, 7th 2017TBCSt Patrick's Athletic0Monaghan United-Cavan FP0
April, 22nd 2017United ParkDrogheda United5St Patrick's Athletic0
April, 9th 2017TBCSt Patrick's Athletic6Athlone Town0
April, 2nd 2017TBCShelbourne1St Patrick's Athletic0
March, 19th 2017IT BlanchardstownSt Patrick's Athletic4Derry City2
Date Venue Home Team Away Team
October, 8th 2016IT BlanchardstownSt Patrick's Athletic1Galway United3
September, 17th 2016The ShowgroundsSligo Rovers1St Patrick's Athletic3
September, 11th 2016Turners CrossCork City2St Patrick's Athletic0
September, 4th 2016IT BlanchardstownSt Patrick's Athletic3Drogheda United0
August, 28th 2016Athlone Town StadiumAthlone Town0St Patrick's Athletic1
August, 21st 2016Richmond ParkSt Patrick's Athletic6UCD1
August, 14th 2016IT BlanchardstownSt Patrick's Athletic3Derry City0
August, 6th 2016Tolka ParkShelbourne0St Patrick's Athletic0
July, 26th 2016Richmond ParkSt Patrick's Athletic3Shamrock Rovers1
July, 23rd 2016Oriel ParkDundalk0St Patrick's Athletic0
July, 17th 2016ALSAASt Patrick's Athletic0Longford Town0
July, 8th 2016IT BlanchardstownBohemians0St Patrick's Athletic0
June, 26th 2016IT BlanchardstownSt Patrick's Athletic0Finn Harps0
May, 22nd 2016IT BlanchardstownSt Patrick's Athletic2Sligo Rovers2
May, 14th 2016United ParkDrogheda United0St Patrick's Athletic0
May, 8th 2016IT BlanchardstownSt Patrick's Athletic0Athlone Town0
April, 28th 2016City Calling StadiumLongford Town0St Patrick's Athletic0
April, 23rd 2016KillygordonDerry City0St Patrick's Athletic0
April, 17th 2016IT BlanchardstownSt Patrick's Athletic0Shelbourne0
April, 11th 2016TBCSt Patrick's Athletic2Dundalk0
March, 20th 2016ALSAASt Patrick's Athletic1Bohemians2
March, 12th 2016Drumoghill FCFinn Harps1St Patrick's Athletic1

St Patrick's Athletic FC

Founded in 1929 the 'Saints' are the current FAI Cup holders and play in the Premier Division of the SSE Airtricity League at Richmond Park, in Inchicore Dublin 8, Ireland.

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